• A startup accelerator in Helsingborg

    Welcome to
    THINK Accelerate!

    We have a strong entrepreneurial community with talented and
    experienced people that are open and easily accessible.
    We are punching above our weight class, and we are
    looking for startups that are doing the same.

  • The Swedish Formula

    What is the secret sauce behind Swedish success stories like Spotify, King.com, Skype and Mojang?

    We believe it has to do with the special way we build companies.
    Our society is built on a high level of trust.

  • Let's start thinking

    Build your startup
    in our 12-week program!

    To run a startup is an adventure. We want to be a part of that adventure and
    help out as much as we can. We are specialised in helping early stage startups
    build their first prototypes, and get the first important users.

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Welcome to THINK

Let's start thinking!

To run a startup is an adventure and we want to be a part of that adventure. We are specialised in helping early stage startups build their first prototypes,¬†and get the first important users. At the end of the program, you will be ready to talk to investors to take your¬†startup to the next level. To be a part of THINK doesn’t cost you anything and we don’t take an equity stake in your company.

We are located in the buzzing Greater Copenhagen region, one of the most creative places in Europe with a strong startup scene. One hour from the largest international airport in the Nordics, you’re always close to the global markets. We’re proud to have our office at Mindpark, one of Sweden’s most creative, exotic and friendly co-working spaces in the world.

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12-weeks of Acceleration

Join our 12-week accelerator program for early-stage startups. You start the program with at least an early prototype and leave ready to receive investment.

Join our global network

We build a global community around you. Our international advisors and mentors are entrepreneurs and corporate leaders dedicated to getting you to the next level.

Get the smarts you need

Entrepreneurs need to be curious. We bring in experts from around the world to give you the knowledge and information you need to succeed internationally.

Meet investors

You keep 100% ownership of your company in our program. At the end of the program, you pitch to a room of investors and you decide who's worthy of joining your startup.

Heidi Lindvall

Co-founder / Storygami

I really enjoyed being part of THINK Accelerate. Being part of the program allowed us to take part in some valuable workshops giving us time to reflect and improve how we were running our business. We also met with top entrepreneurs and investors and were really impressed with the level of talent and experts in the area.

Southern Nordics knows the best

A great startup community

We are located at the creative and exotic
co-working community, Mindpark, in Helsingborg.

Around the region, we have a strong network of both national and
international investors, mentors and organisations. Working to build
an even stronger startup community in the southern Nordic.


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