1UP – Capture, create and compete


How has the journey with THINK been so far?

Being part of Think has been excellent experience so far. It’s provided us with a lot more structure and a real confidence that we are now applying our focus in the right areas. It’s also been great to be part of a team of startups with similar challenges where everyone is open to sharing.


The 3 biggest learnings you will take with you from the program?

Speaking with customers a lot and really testing their interest by making them commit to something.
Setting regular goals and most importantly having the retrospective at the end of the period to hold yourself to account.
Negotiation workshop was very useful, gave us a structure on how to approach any conversation with potential customers/suppliers and generally how to reach great outcomes.

What makes you a great team?

We are hard working, constantly engaged and very focused.
We love to learn and are taking everything we can out of the Think program and applying it where we can to our startup.
We are great at keeping each other positive, even when setbacks occur.
We want to give our users the best experience and are constantly seeking new ways that we can do that.


Demo Day is coming up soon, exciting! What is your vision for the future?

We will continue to drive traction on the app as well as continuing to grow the number of partnerships with brands and venues, as well as the amount we charge.


About 1UP:

A platform for sports fans to compete in online, event and venue-linked video entry competitions in both P2P and brand sponsored contests. For brands, the opportunity for engaging, micro-sponsorship of online sporting competitions


Do you want to meet the team behind 1UP, be sure to secure your seat at our Demo Day on May 31st – Follow this link for more information: http:/bit.ly/tasb17dd