Andrey Bogomolov – TryggEl


Andrey Bogomolov and Kelvin Wachira, founder and back-end programmer of TryggEl

How did you come up with your idea?

Old adults fall often (30% chance a year). After the fall they often can not stand up by themselves and this becomes even more serious if they live alone (as 50% of them do). How should they request for help? I am aware of this problem, as my grandma have been saved after two falls just by coincidence. Therefore, I started to work on a simple and humane solution which would allow people to know the state of their older relative, especially if they live alone. That’s how I came up with TryggEl.


What motivates you the most?

We want to use modern IoT technology to make smart cities safer and healthier place for the older adults to live in. With TryggEl, in particular, we want to provide peace of mind and enable people to call their parents when they want to and not when they need to.

What are your goals with the program?

Our goal for the program is to have a collaboration with Öresundskraft in their smart city project (H+), wherein we will get to do a pilot test in at least 20 houses. To acquire funding from investors who want to benefit from the opportunities, that TryggEl has to offer and help us to push our product to the next level. To widen our network with potential B2B partners where our collaboration will lead to faster scaling up.


What are your expectations so far?

Our expectations is that Think will help facilitate the negotiations between us and potential partners such as Öresundkraft, as well as help us access different channels for which we can find a funding. On the team part, we expect to achieve our goals by doing the best we can to attain partners, get funded and thus have the capacity to scale up to new users through our partnership. We expect by the end of the program to have secured that TryggEl works and established a partnership with at least one of the major facility providers in Helsingborg.


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