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Andy Worgan and Nima Mehdian, co-founders of 1UP

Andy Worgan and Nima Mehdian, co-founders of 1UP

How did you come up with your idea?

Nima (the other 1UP co-founder) and I came up with the idea for 1UP as we are both pretty competitive and wondered why there wasn’t a platform to get 3rd party validation on who had the best ski vids! So we came up with the idea of a social platform that was based entirely on competition using photos and videos. We started out by trying to turn everything and anything into a competition, but realised that highly visual sports (like freerunning, BMX, skiing etc.) were a better place to focus. People who take part in these sports love to video themselves all the time and they are typically very competitive by nature but often don’t have the chance to compete unless they are at a professional level. So we have tried to make 1UP a platform where they are able to compete with each other at any time, any place and regardless of skill level.


What motivates you the most?

I am most motivated by the feeling that we are building something that people really enjoy and are derive motivation and inspiration from. Every time we get a positive message from a user it helps us remember that we are doing something worthwhile! Also, the feeling, when you start building momentum and getting more and more people switching on to what you are aiming for, is really satisfying.

What are your goals with the program?

Our goals for the program are first to help structure our thinking and make sure we are tackling the most important issues first and in the right way. We are also looking to connect with as many helpful people as possible while we are here as it’s often these conversations that lead to a step change in thinking. Our ultimate goal by the end of the program is to be investor-ready as we have a lot we would like to achieve once we are able to unlock some funding.


What are your expectations so far?

We’ve been really impressed with the connections that Think has to offer as well as the willingness to find ways to connect us to relevant people potentially outside of their network – I expect this will be really valuable in the weeks to come. I’ve also particularly enjoyed the group goal setting as it provides a 3rd party expectation and validation to achieving targets which I find really motivating (and which is what we are all about of course!)


About 1UP:

A platform for sports fans to compete in online, event and venue-linked video entry competitions in both P2P and brand-sponsored contests. For brands, the opportunity for engaging, micro-sponsorship of online sporting competitions 


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