Flugtube – Making multi-destination travel simple!


How has the journey with THINK been so far?

In a word, fantastic.
It has given us a platform to focus all our energy on to smaller specific tasks. Think has also provided us with the framework to achieve those tasks.
Despite always having lots of energy for our project, while at Think we have become much more efficient.

The 3 biggest learnings you will take with you from the program?

1) The importance of customer development. Now we are ensuring that we are adapting our build to provide what our customers actually want.
2) Don’t be afraid to ask for help, whatever it may be.
3) Always try to learn from those around you, there are some really smart people.

What makes you a great team?

We all know what tasks we should be focusing on, this gives us distinct roles and individual targets to hit. On balance, we are always happy to ask each other for help on a particular task if its needed. Then at the end of the week, we can all celebrate the small achievements together.
We don’t have egos, we wouldn’t be a team if we didn’t have different strengths. We are quite happy to admit that our teammates are much better suited for certain objectives, however, this does not mean that are core competencies aren’t inline with one another.

Importantly, the team as a whole are big dreamers, and while we understand the importance of taking small steps, our end goal is shared.

Demo Day is coming up soon, exciting! What is your vision for the future?

Our next major milestone is to start our paid marketing campaign, we have been gearing up for it for a while and are just finalising a few things with the product which aren’t quite at a level we want them to be yet.
This will take us from essentially being at an MVP stage to a fully fledged business, for the time being, we will focus on this, and it will be perfectly suited to attract the travellers for next summer.
We will establish ourselves in Sweden and the UK for the next 12 months to collect our own data on travel habits and then look to expand into other European markets.
We also have some partnerships lined up that flugtube will provide the travel package to, this will give our brand a lot of good exposure, allowing us to expand leveraging our good will on top of capital input.


About Flugtube:

Flugtube is a web-based platform poised to bridge the gap between premium and self-service travel booking and itinerary creation.

Our customers have the freedom to create any trip regardless of its complexity without worrying about working out any of the logistics.

Flugtube removes the need for an expensive travel agent fee and saves time for our user.

As we like to say, simplifying multi-destination travel.


Do you want to meet the team behind Flugtube, be sure to secure your seat at our Demo Day on May 31st – Follow this link for more information: http:/bit.ly/tasb17dd