Fredrik Westman – Sensative


Fredrik Westman, founder of Sensative

What motivates you the most?

For my part, it is to change the health case system around the world.


How did you come up with your idea?

I participated in the open innovation contest at Ideon with Inwido (Compete & Incubate) where I was teamed up with Anders Hedberg, co-founder of Sensative. We started working together during the open innovation contest (12 weeks, a bit similar to the Smart City Track/Concept with Öresundskraft). Inwido turned us down in the end of the competition and after the competition, we talked to more window & door manufacturers and the idea of Strips (an invisible window & door sensor) was developed during a couple of months.

In 2013 we started the company Sensative AB with the ambition to make Strips the next generation of window & door sensor. Mats Pettersson, co-founder, joined in 2014 as part owner and CEO.

What are your goals with the program?

We are part of the “Smart City Track”, a collaboration project between Think Accelerator and Öresundskraft. Our goal is to have a small demo in the end-of-the 12 weeks, to work closely with Öresundskraft during this period and also have a plan to be part of the H+ and continue working with Öresundskraft and other sections of Helsingborgs business areas (public housing, home care etc).

Part goal of the program is to develop the business model for Yggio – Our open IoT platform for smart cities and smart homes.

Secondly to get in touch with investors, build a network, work on our company presentation and develop our “investment deck”. We are self-funded so far and don’t have the network nor experience when it comes to investors, but we have heard a lot of great things about Think accelerator in regards to investment so that’s partly why we applied.


About Sensative:

Since 2013 Sensative develops IoT products and services for everyday use. With Sensative solutions, you can protect your home and make it more energy efficient.


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