Here’s the seven new startups for the Spring Batch 2017

This Spring will be filled with a lot of diversed tech companies.
We are proud to announce the seven hungry startups that will be a part of the program for 3-months.



A platform for sports fans to compete in online, event and venue-linked video entry competitions in both P2P and brand-sponsored contests. For brands, the opportunity for engaging, micro-sponsorship of online sporting competitions


Using Artificial Intelligence for instant knowledge of the horse’s health, state, movement & behaviour. Providing best practice of horse management. Next step livestock. Using big data for global research regarding equine/livestock health and behaviour, a community for best practise animal care.


Flugtube is a web-based platform poised to bridge the gap between premium and self-service travel booking and itinerary creation. Our customers have the freedom to create any trip regardless of its complexity without worrying about working out any of the logistics. Flugtube removes the need for an expensive travel agent fee and saves time for our user.


A digital tool giving organization a KPI for how well employees are feeling and to revolutionize how to work with employees wellness.


Kvitter is a company that digitise paper receipts. The vision is to seamlessly integrate our system to generate digital receipts for purchases made in store, for reducing climate impact through reduced wastage of paper and simultaneously save companies costs.


Since 2013 Sensative develops IoT products and services for everyday use. With Sensative solutions you can protect your home and make it more energy efficient.


TryggEl uses digitalisation of cities to make life of older adults safer and healthier. Just by monitoring the electricity in the apartment of an elderly person who lives alone, the system recognises changes in habits or inactivity over a day, sending an SMS to relatives to alert them of any potential incidences.