Hoofstep – Intelligent Horse Care


How has the journey with THINK been so far?

It has been contentious, and an energy kick, that helped us consolidate our efforts more effectively.

The 3 biggest learnings you will take with you from the program?

Efficient communication, a presentation regarding our business.
More complex advanced negotiation techniques
(Not to lose) the customer traction aligned with the overall process.

What makes you a great team?

It is our individual experiences, we all complement each other with high skills and experience from previous start-ups, exits, professional experience tightly connected to the current business. We cover the whole range from tech to market with business insights/development, at the same time, we all have built and run companies with employees at international level. But above all, we are friends and business colleagues since over 20 years back. Did we mention that we know our customer and current market inside out?

Demo Day is coming up soon, exciting! What is your vision for the future?

We have a long-term plan that was already set before Think Accelerator that we will persist to follow. We have endurance and are well familiar with the process in front of us. We will continue to keep our discipline of one-week sprints where we set goals and then follow-up/evaluate the results. In general, our short-term step forward is to continue to establish the product on the Swedish market, seek suitable partners (investors) that fit our business and further develop features and customer benefits in the product’s services. However, our long-term plan, of course, includes going international. Our vision is to improve the general well-being of horses, cutting unnecessary costs due to lacking supervision as well as spare horse owner emotional agony. The horse can’t talk or make a phone call if it is in need, our device gives the horse a voice.


About Hoofstep:

Using Artificial Intelligence for instant knowledge of the horse’s health, state, movement & behaviour. Providing best practice of horse management. Next step livestock. Using big data for global research regarding equine/livestock health and behaviour, a community for best practise animal care.


Do you want to meet the team behind Hoofstep, be sure to secure your seat at our Demo Day on May 31st – Follow this link for more information: http:/bit.ly/tasb17dd