InSajt – Making decisions easy


How has the journey with THINK been so far?

It has been fantastic! I had high expectations and I think the program has delivered more than I was hoping for! Competent mentors and a thriving working and social climate have been key I believe.

The 3 biggest learnings you will take with you from the program?

– Focus on customers
– Don’t be afraid to talk to other people and ask for help.
– It is not that hard if you commit yourself.

What makes you a great team?

The friendship and the collaboration are the key things in our group. We all have individual experiences and that’s great but without being able to be super comfortable and be able to be ourselves, this would be a lot harder.

Demo Day is coming up soon, exciting! What is your vision for the future?

We will be going as often to THINK as long as we have office space. After that, we will rent office space. The most important think to keep our momentum is that we all have a common place to work from.


About inSajt:

InSajt is a company that gives store owners data-driven insight into their businesses. Providing a free and automated solution for analysing trends, patterns and behaviours to all store owners.


Do you want to meet the team behind inSajt, be sure to secure your seat at our Demo Day on May 31st – Follow this link for more information: http:/