Philip Bandak – Flugtube


Philip Bandak, co-founder of Flugtube

Philip Bandak, co-founder of Flugtube

How did you come up with your idea?

The idea of Flugtube was born out of pure frustration when trying to book a trip which required multiple destinations.
It took so much time and was so stressful trying to link everything together.
Thus, I decided to create my own solution.


What motivates you the most?



What are your goals with the program?

Team flugtube would like to get our platform to a point where it is ready for growth, improving upon our MVP becoming a fully operational business.

What are your expectations so far?

Our expectations are to improve upon our existing skill set and continually work hard in order to benefit Flugtube.


About Flugtube:

Flugtube is a web-based platform poised to bridge the gap between premium and self-service travel booking and itinerary creation.

Our customers have the freedom to create any trip regardless of its complexity without worrying about working out any of the logistics.

Flugtube removes the need for an expensive travel agent fee and saves time for our user.

As we like to say, simplifying complex travel.


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