Sandra Jönsson – Motiomera


Karsten Deppert and Sandra Jönsson, founders of Motiomera

How did you come up with your idea?

Motiomera started out with a product focus on the employee’s physical health, by providing activity competitions B2B. After doing that for a couple of years we wanted to do more. We wanted to help organisations to work long term with employee health and include a part as social and mental health. We started to talk with human resource departments and managers to get more information about issues they have in the area of preventing long-term sick leave and promote the employees health. That made us ending up with our new product Health Index. A digital tool that helps organisations to get an overview and work effectively with employee health.


What motivates you the most?

Being part of making a healthier world.

 What are your goals with the program?

Our goals are to get help developing our business model and taking part of a good network. Since we are self-founded and want to develop our product faster we are now looking for investors, or business angels, who want to be part of our team. During the program, our main focus is to develop our new product and find pilot customers who want to be part of our development, which is an important part so we can create a great product based on organisational needs.


What are your expectations so far?

Our expectation on Think accelerator is getting help to fulfil our goals. But also get feedback, inspiration and knowledge about entrepreneurship and business development.

My expectation on me and my team is to work hard as hell to make stuff and get forward. In direction as of getting customers, product development and find suitable investors.


About Motiomera:

A digital tool giving organisations a KPI for how well employees are feeling and to revolutionise how to work with employees wellness.


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