For the future city of Helsingborg

Smart City Track

Calling smart city startups

Öresundskraft, Helsingborgs Stad and THINK Accelerate are collaborating to provide a dedicated ‘Smart City’ track for smart, home, city and energy related startups.


The H+ ‘smart city’ project is one of the largest construction projects ever undertaken in Sweden, building schools, offices, shops, communal spaces and 4–5,000 new homes by 2035 to meet the demand of over 40,000 people who will move into the city in that time. The project aims to be a model for future urban development and will radically transform the southern parts of Helsingborg.

Öresundskraft & Helsingborgs Stad recognise that smart city, home & energy solutions are needed to create a sustainable urban district and are partnering with THINK to take a comprehensive approach to promote and support innovative and exciting Smart City startups. And are eager to find solutions around urban planning, waste management, smart building, smart home, smart mobility, smart grid, smart energy, smart production, smart government, internet of things and open data, that can have a positive impact on living, working and recreation in H+.

Tools of the trade

You'll get access to the tools you need to reach your max potential. Workshops, meetings and services.

Test and evaluate

Test, evaluate and develop your startup with focus on customer need and sustainability.

Mentoring and support

Mentors from the Öresundskraft will help and guide you to reach your goals, with the H+ project as the main focus.

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