Recent as well as graduated

THINK Startups

Spring Batch 2017

The fifth batch going through the accelerator program. March - June 2017.


A platform for sports fans to compete in online, event and venue-linked video entry competitions in both P2P and brand-sponsored contests. For brands, the opportunity for engaging, micro-sponsorship of online sporting competitions


Using Artificial Intelligence for instant knowledge of the horse’s health, state, movement & behaviour. Providing best practice of horse management. Next step livestock. Using big data for global research regarding equine/livestock health and behaviour, a community for best practise animal care.


Flugtube is a web-based platform poised to bridge the gap between premium and self-service travel booking and itinerary creation. Our customers have the freedom to create any trip regardless of its complexity without worrying about working out any of the logistics. Flugtube removes the need for an expensive travel agent fee and saves time for our user.


A digital tool giving organization a KPI for how well employees are feeling and to revolutionize how to work with employees wellness.


Kvitter is a company that digitise paper receipts. The vision is to seamlessly integrate our system to generate digital receipts for purchases made in store, for reducing climate impact through reduced wastage of paper and simultaneously save companies costs.


Since 2013 Sensative develops IoT products and services for everyday use. With Sensative solutions you can protect your home and make it more energy efficient.


TryggEl uses digitalisation of cities to make life of older adults safer and healthier. Just by monitoring the electricity in the apartment of an elderly person who lives alone, the system recognises changes in habits or inactivity over a day, sending an SMS to relatives to alert them of any potential incidences.

Fall Batch 2016

The fourth batch going through the accelerator program. September - December 2016.


Offers a better investment solution both for institutional investors and for people with a savings account.


A fashion price comparison website that integrates all online fashion stores and a mission to provide best price in fashion.


An app that allows the user to donate money to a charity organization by allowing ads on their phone locking screen.

Workshop Butler

A platform for training companies and workshop facilitators. It helps them to manage events by automating routine tasks and integrating with their websites.


An extensive portal and database for eveything car related.



Spring Batch 2016

The third batch going through the accelerator program. March - May 2016.


Interactive video overlays to enable creators to raise engagement and monetize their online videos.


Find out what's happening at a time and place relevant to you


The easiest and quickest way to communicate with your hourly paid personnell

Lilla Fisk

Baby clothes as a service. Subscribe to high quality baby clothes in exactly the size you need.


Princity is a cloud based printer managment system to help you monitor, analyze and order supplies to all printers in your network


Everything you need to enable digital order-ahead at your restaurant or café.


Quickmeet syncs calendars and automatically finds meeting times suitable for all meeting participants



Fall Batch 2015

Second batch to go through the accelerator program. September-December 2015.


Cirons is an online Resource Planning system for SME's. Simple, beautiful and powerful.


Online platform to help you build a beautiful online store in minutes with no code


Sofia is a learning platform built on AI that helps the user gain skills that machines will not replace


YOU++ is an online learning platform to teach kids how to code


LeanLaw is an automated customer claims handling system for global ecommerce companies


Upbis is a B2B trade platform aimed at industrial groups



Spring Batch 2015

Our first batch of startups including companies from all over Europe as well as Asia. Took place in Helsingborg between April 2015 and June 2015.


Create, send and monitor beautiful proposals online.


Better recruitment results with quiz based pre-screening based on artificial intelligence.

Overview News

News API indexing the world's news, making them available for developers to innovate upon.


An e-learning platform to help social workers and teachers detect and prevent violent extremism.


Find and craft the perfect icons for your project.


Building the next generation of video wall computers.

Our graduates from

THINK Incubator

Companies that was part of THINK Incubator between 2012-2014


Access to Justice is what drives this legal tech startup. Swiftcourt is a digital court solving legal disputes online in a quick and easy way.


Bilprospekt is a digital sales tool generating leads for the car industry.


Digitalpost enables you to read all your paper post on your tablet, computer or smartphone.


Fieldly helps construction companies organizing their field work in a much smarter and easier way.

Blue Saga

Blue Saga is a retro inspired indie MMORPG.


Upbis is building an innovative platform for collaboration in and between enterprises.


Overview wants to gather all the news in the world and make it accessible through their API.


Neco is developing a poison free and sustainable growing technology to enable urban farming in new ways


Combining drones and advanced 3D-software to create detailed 3D-models of the world

CBI Contracts

CBI Contracts makes it simple for enterprises to keep up with contract management.

Rescued Fruits

Social venture creating new food products from saved fruits.

Hygiene of Sweden

Innovative hand sanitizing products. Environmentally and human friendly.


Adme is a digital creative agency within infographics

Hoi Publishing House

Hoi is a fast growing publishing house employing a new business model in a traditional industry