How has the journey with THINK been so far?

It has been an intense and learning experience. I am proud of having made not just new networks, but new friends.

The 3 biggest learnings you will take with you from the program?

1.How to negotiate during the negotiation workshop
2.I learned the importance of keeping goals regularly as we did every week. It has helped us move forward quicker in a way.

What makes you a great team?

We are a competent team with the right kind of experience plus we work well together and understand each other. Most of all we have the passion for building our product and letting it solve daily problems in a simple way.

Demo Day is coming up soon, exciting! What is your vision for the future?

Our vision is to continue our partnership with Öresundkraft where we see Tryggel as one of the services for the elderly that comes with Öresundkraft service package.
We will keep the momentum by having regular communications with them and a close relationship.


About Tryggel:

TryggEl uses digitalisation of cities to make life of older adults safer and healthier. Just by monitoring the electricity in the apartment of an elderly person who lives alone, the system recognises changes in habits or inactivity over a day, sending an SMS to relatives to alert them of any potential incidences.


Do you want to meet the team behind Tryggel, be sure to secure your seat at our Demo Day on May 31st – Follow this link for more information: http:/