Why Diversity Panel?

Do we need more diversity in the tech startup industry? I mean, deep down we know that it is a good thing, but considering it rationally, is diversity really anything more than a buzzword?


Well, yes very much so. On average a startup with a diverse team performs 35% better than their non-diverse counterparts. If your startup has a female founder, it means you have a better chance to survive and your financial performance is 15% better. There is a lot more statistics and research on the subject, which all point in the same direction – diversity is directly beneficial for any startup. In fact, the benefits are not limited to individual startups, but has an effect on both society and the overall ecosystem.


It is quite simple actually, having a more diverse group of people engaging in entrepreneurship is equal with having a larger amount of people starting companies. The bigger the pool of companies and talents, the better the ecosystem. 


This seems to be common knowledge for most people operating in the industry, so why are we still struggling with getting diversity into the tech startup scene?


It could be easy to point the finger at the symptoms, such as 9 out of 10 of investments from venture capitalists go to all-male startups, such as Di Digital did in a recent article, but does that imply the problem lies within finding investment? Well, no. Only 1 out of every 20 tech entrepreneur is a women, which means that it should not come as a surprise to anyone that only 1 out of every 10 investment goes to a female founder. 


That is the point where we see the challenge. We need to create a better diversity in the tech startup industry, but how can we do it? There is no simple answer nor a straightforward solution yet. What we can do is create as much noise as humanly possible while creating space that enables the discussion.


This is what we want to use Demo Day for. We have invited a lot of interesting people who are dealing with the diversity challenge in different ways. By having them share their insights and opinions, we are able to attack the challenge from different angles and shed light on the broadness and complexity of the issue. Demo Day can not act as the solution to the diversity challenge in tech startups, probably no one thing can, but we can use Demo day to enable people. We believe that people are natively creative, great at problem solving and, given the opportunity, will act to solve the diversity challenge.


This is the reason why we will talk diversity on Demo Day and have a diversity panel. So, why don’t you join us and our diversity panel on December 7? Want to read more about our panelists? Scroll down a little bit!


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