Why we launched a pre-accelerator

4 Benefits of Think Summer Bootcamp

Since announcing that we will be running a pre-accelerator program this August, in the form of a web-based Summer Bootcamp, we’ve been asked many times about the reasons behind it. Though there were many factors we took into consideration, one of the main purposes is to help people take their ideas and turn them into reality.


Our job at THINK gives us the opportunity to meet tons of incredible people, some are already involved in the startup community as entrepreneurs, mentors or investors but quite a few others are just starting to get their hands dirty. Many of the people who are wanting to get involved have great ideas for a startup, they just haven’t taken the plunge yet. And, since we know from personal experience how hard that first step into entrepreneurship can be, we want to make it a bit easier to take that step – this is how the Summer Bootcamp was born!


Over a few weeks in August, we will work with dozens of entrepreneurs or soon-to-be-entrepreneurs; we will work together to take an idea and turn it into an early prototype that has been tested in the market. By the end of the Summer Bootcamp, you’re in the startup community and you’re an important part of the THINK network. Most importantly, you’ve gotten your idea off the ground.


Find out more about the THINK Summer Bootcamp here. We can’t wait to start!